1. What is an aardvark
2. This is the element which has the highest boiling point
3. The Ratio of speed of the body to the speed of sound under similar conditions is called
4. How Long is a Nautical Mile
5. The Capital of Fiji is
6. Herpetology is the study of
7. Recently, in the Financial Newspapers, the PIIGS acronym is used many times. What is the abbreviation of it
8. The World Diabetics Day is observed on
9. The Common Wealth Games held in Delhi, 2010 is this edition
10. This Mughal Emperor built the Red Fort


1. An Ant Eating Animal
2. Tantalum, about 6000C
3. Mach Number
4. 1.85 km. (6080ft. A regular mile is 5280 ft.)
5. Suva
6. Study of reptiles
7. Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece and Spain.
8. 14th November
9. 19th Edition
10. Shah Jahan