1. The Foreign Institutional Investors (FII) entered the Indian Market in this Year
2. The Nobel Peace Prize Winner of 2010 is
3. The Ryder Cup is associated with this game
4. The Longest Railway Tunnel of the World which was recently completed is
5. This Country has achieved the number 1 Position in terms of Medals tally in the Commonwealth Games 2010
6. The abbreviation of SJSRY is
7. The Hepatology is the study of
8. The Stock Market Regulator Securities Exchange Board of India (SEBI ) was established in this Year
9. The First Indian Woman who received the Nobel Prize is
10. ˜A Tale of Two Cities , is the famous book written by


1. September 1992.
2. Liu Xiaobo (China)
3. Golf
4. Gotthard Base Tunnel (Switzerland)
5. Australia with 177 Medals (74 Gold, 55 Silver & 48 Bronze)
6. Swarna Jayanti Shahari Rozgar Yojana
7. Liver
8. 1988
9. Mother Theresa
10. Charles Dickens