1. This Place is called the key of the Mediterranean
2. This King is the founder of Pallavas
3. The National Game of Japan is
4. The Wadia Institute of Himalayan Zoology is situated in this place
5. Limbu is one of the language spoken in this State
6. This country has the 2nd Largest Arable Land in the World
7. The Central Electro Chemical Research Institute is Situated in this Place
8. Angami is the tribal group presented in this state
9. STAR Series of Indian Currency was introduced in this year
10. The abbreviation of ASCCI is


1. Gibraltar
2. Simhavishnu
3. Judo
4. New Delhi
5. Sikkim
6. India
7. Karaikudi, Tamil Nadu
8. Manipur
9. 2006
10. The American Standard Code for Information Interchange