• In Egypt, the military rulers have declared partial lifting of emergency in the country.
  • The move comes into effect from today, the first anniversary of 25th January revolution which saw the overthrowing of decades long Mubarak regime in the country a year ago. 
  • The emergency laws gave sweeping powers to the police to arrest and prosecute anyone on charges of Thuggery. The opposition and the activists who led 25th January uprisings last year in Egypt have been campaigning for the total removal of emergency laws and release of all civilians in military jails.
  • The ruling military Council has announced a series of measures on the first anniversary celebrations of the revolution.
  • 25th January is now a national holiday. Armed forces will hold celebrations from 25th to 28th January in Cairo’s Tahrir Square. The celebrations will include musical concerts, artistic and folkloric festivities from Egypt’s 27 districts and martial displays by Egypt’s air force and navy.
  • Young Activists who led the 25th January revolution have organized a series of marches to converge at Tahrir Square. The move is a part of the Campaign seeking “Hand over power to the elected parliament” on the first anniversary of the public uprising. They are demanding immediate exit of the military.
  • The campaign calls on MPs to come to Tahrir Square today and take an oath to restore the rights and demands of the revolution’s martyrs and injured The MPs are also called upon to end the state of emergency and free all civilians in military prisons.