• The United Nations has appealed for nearly 450 million dollar in humanitarian aid for strife torn Yemen to save it from becoming what one UN official called another Somalia.

  • This represents an increase of 95 percent compared to one year ago. At a conference in Dubai, the UN agencies and the relief groups working in Yemen said the country will need substantial humanitarian assistance over the next three to five years. 

  • These include areas like food, health care, sanitation and clean water. Almost a year long strife in Yemen has brought the nation’s economy on the verge of collapse. People are facing acute shortages of fuel, food, water and electricity. 

  • The UN High Commissioner for Refugees, UNHCR, estimated that at the end of November around 2.14 lakh refugees and almost half a million internally displaced persons were in Yemen. The IMF approved a 370 million dollar loan for Yemen in August 2010, but only one disbursement of around 50 million dollar has been received so far