1. He is the Chairman of the Thirteenth Finance Commission
2. He is the only Indian who got Nobel Prize for Economics
3. The largest Sea in the World is
4. The scientific name of Vitamin C is
5. The Simon Commission was appointed in the year of
6. The First World War was held between the period of
7. Partition of India was decided by this Plan
8. The last Indian Governor General of free India is
9. The Jalian Wala Bagh Massacre incident was happened in the year of
10. The Unit of Luminous Intensity is


1. Dr. Vijay Kelkar
2. Amartaya Sen
3. South China Sea
4. Ascorbic Acid
5. 1927
6. 1914 รข€“ 1918
7. June 3 Plan
8. C. Rajagopalachari
9. 1919
10. Candela