1. Iran’s first nuclear plant is being built at
2. The first European Country to ban burqua (Purdha) is
3. The youngest Indian who scaled the Mount Everest is
4. The Father of Scientific Management is
5. The Share Allotment Account is a Personal Account. True or False.
6. According to the Human Development Report 2010, India ranks
7. The length of a Cricket Bat is
8. First National Institute of Physical Education is situated at
9. The Olympic Games in 2016 will be held at
10. Joint in Nervous System is called


1. Bushehr
2. Belgium
3. Arjun Bajpayee
4. F. W. Taylor
5. True
6. 119th
7. 38 Inch
8. Gwalior
9. Brazil
10. Synapse