• India has earned the dubious distinction of being Southasia's most uncharitable country in 2011, if one goes by the ranking in the Charities Aid Foundation's (CAF) World Giving Index. 

  • In the Southasia region, India is the worst performer with a global ranking of a paltry 91. In 2010, India was ranked at 134.
  • But Pakistan, which was ranked at 142 last year has made it to 34th position this year. 

  • Sri Lanka is ranked 8th while Bangladesh is 78 and Nepal 84. 

  • The list has been topped by US while the Irish Republic came second, then Australia, New Zealand and the UK. 

  • The UK-based group said the richest countries were not necessarily the most likely to give to charity - only five nations that are in the World Bank's top 20 economies by GDP appear in the latest CAF giving index top 20. 

  • In terms of percentage of population, Thailand was the most generous, with 85 per cent of Thais making regular charitable contributions. The UK was the second most generous, with 79 per cent regularly giving to charity.
  • Countries were ranked in terms of the monetary donations and charitable acts of their people.