• The China-Myanmar border near the southwestern Yunnan province is set to become a major commercial hub as Beijing has launched construction of an economic zone in the region, which will act as a gateway for South Asia and Southeast Asia. 

  • The Gengma Border Economic Cooperation Zone is in the city of Lincang's Mengding county, which is expected to become a traffic tip for an opening frontier and largely enhance the progress of resources development, trade, logistics and industries.

  • Roads and an airport are to be built in the remote county

  • The government had approved more than 40 policy items covering nine aspects related to the area's development, including building up the economy and living standards, enhancing environmental protection and strengthening infrastructure construction, especially in transportation. 

  • Yunnan province lies adjacent to Sichuan, Guizhou, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and Tibet Autonomous Region and borders Myanmar, Laos and Vietnam. 

  • It is famous for its abundant natural resources such as plants and non-ferrous metals.