1. Mercury is also known as Quick Silver.
  2. Disneyland is located in California, USA.
  3. The country which built the first powerful long range rockets is Germany.
  4. Sewing Machine was invented by Isaac M. Singer.
  5. Adding Machine was invented by Aldrin.
  6. The national emblem of Spain is Eagle.
  7. Archimedes was born in Sicily.
  8. The total area of Vatican City is 0.272 square kilometers.
  9. The largest temple in the world is Angkor Wat in Kampuchea.
  10. The largest dome in the world is Louisiana Superdome, New Orleans, USA.
  11. The largest strait in the world is Tartar Strait.
  12. The Mohenjo-Daro ruins are found in Larkand District of Sind, Pakistan.
  13. The largest city of Africa is Cairo.
  14. The founder of KODAK Company was Eastman.
  15. The Cape of Good Hope is located in South Africa.
  16. The Heathrow Airport is located in London.
  17. The neon lamp was invented by Georges Claude.
  18. The last letter of the Greek alphabet is Omega.
  19. The place known as the land of Lincoln is Illinois.
  20. The US state Utah is also known as Beehive state.