1. What is common between Kutty, Shankar, Laxman and Sudhir Dar?
  2. The latitudinal differences in pressure delineate a number of major pressure zones, which correspond with
  3. In which decade was the first solid state integrated circuit demonstrated?
  4. In which year was Pulitzer Prize established
  5. Who is the author of the book 'Nineteen Eighty Four'?
  6. Permanent Secretariat to coordinate the implementation of SAARC programme is located at
  7. The territory of Porus who offered strong resistance to Alexander was situated between the rivers of
  8. The name of the Laccadive, Minicoy and Amindivi islands was changed to Lakshadweep by an Act of Parliament in
  9. Gilt-edged market means
  10. The percentage of irrigated land in India is about
  11. Where is the Railway Staff College located?
  12. 'Natya - Shastra' the main source of India's classical dances was written by
  13. 20th August is celebrated as
  14. Which of the following is a non metal that remains liquid at room temperature?
  15. Radiocarbon is produced in the atmosphere as a result of
  16. The nucleus of an atom consists of
  17. Ordinary table salt is sodium chloride. What is baking soda?
  18. In which decade was the American Institute of Electrical Engineers (AIEE) Founded?
  19. Former Australian captain Mark Taylor has had several nicknames over his playing career. Which of the following was NOT one of them?

  1. Drawing Cartoons
  2. Zones Of Climate
  3. 1950s
  4. 1917
  5. George Orwell
  6. Kathmandu
  7. Jhelum and Chenab
  8. 1973
  9. Market Of Government Securities
  10. 35
  11. Vadodara
  12. Bharat Muni
  13. Sadbhavana Divas
  14. Bromine
  15. Collision between fast neutrons and nitrogen nuclei present in the atmosphere
  16. Protons And Neutrons
  17. Sodium Bicarbonate
  18. 1880s
  19. Stumpy