• Western governments are putting intense pressure on the UN Security Council to tackle the crisis in Syria where violence is raging. They are demanding a UN resolution on political change in Syria based on a plan by the Arab League, but that is fiercely opposed by Russia which calls it regime change by another name. The UN Security Council is due to discuss Syria later on Tuesday.
  • The plan proposed by the Arab League, and backed by the United States, Britain and France, calls for Mr. Assad to hand power to a deputy who would then form a government of national unity. Moscow said this is not balanced and will leave open the possibility of intervention in Syria 's affairs.
  • Earlier, the United States said it was inevitable that President Bashar Al- Assad will fall. White House spokesman Jay Carney said Assad's fall is inevitable as the regime has lost control of the country.
  • Meanwhile, Damascus has slammed what it termed aggressive statements made by the United States and other Western nations ahead of a UN Security Council session on the spiraling violence in Syria .
  • A foreign ministry statement distributed by the official SANA news agency said the aggressive American and Western statements against Syria are escalating in a scandalous manner.
  • Damascus described statements by the West as ridiculous, and insisted that recent events in the country should be blamed on armed terrorist groups.