• America's envoy to Kabul has warned that the existence of terror sanctuaries in Pakistan and insurgent activities of the Haqqani network are a deal-killer for the US strategy in Afghanistan.
  • In a top-secret cable to the Obama administration last month Ambassador Ryan. C. Crocker said it amounts to admitting that years of US efforts to curtail insurgent activity in Pakistan by key Taliban ally and lethal Haqqani network are failing.
  • Disclosing this, the Washington Post reported that the cable was sent through CIA channels rather than the usual State Department ones to keep it secret.
  • The State Department refused to comment on the authenticity of the cable. Spokesman Mark Toner said in Washinton that they are not in a position to comment on alleged leaked cables. He said the adminstration's position is that the Haqqani network remains and safe havens continue to pose a threat to Pakistan, Afghanistan and the United States . All must be done to eliminate them, he said.