1. This King built the Sanchi Stupa
2. In 1994, the Malhotra Committee recommended the Privatization of this Sector
3. India is this much of largest in terms of area-wise
4. The chairmanship/presidency of the UN Security Council rotates among the Council Members
5. Chakiarkoothu is the dance which believed to be originated from this Indian State
6. The Kalhari Desert is situated in this Place
7. The Study of Algae is called
8. Knot is the measure to know the speed of this
9. Glauber’s Salt is also known as
10. The Highest Indian Peak is


1. King Ashoka
2. Insurance
3. Seventh
4. Every Month
5. Kerala
6. Botswana (Africa)
7. Phycology
8. Ship
9. Sodium Sulphate
10. K 2 (Godwin Austen, 8611 meters)