1. The lines on a Meteorological Map joining places of equal monthly or yearly rainfall
2. The name given to strong wind having a Speed between 56 km and 72 km per hour is
3. The Largest Airport of the World is in
4. The headquarter of Interpol (International Criminal Police Organization) is in
5. The Study of Bones is called
6. The National Emblem of Australia is
7. The Unit of Power is
8. The Instrument to measure the Rainfall is
9. The World Book Day is observed on
10. In 2009, the Bandra-Worli Sea Link was inaugurated in this City


1. Isotherms
2. Gale
3. King Khalid International Airport, Saudi Arabia
4. Lyons, France
5. Osteology
6. Kangaroo
7. Watt
8. Rain Gauge
9. April 23
10. Mumbai