1. The Isotope of Uranium used in Atomic Reactors is
2. Among the defects of eye, the Short-sightedness is called
3. This continent is the third largest in terms of Population of the world
4. Mekong River drains into this sea
5. The first person who traveled twice to space as a tourist is
6. Mahatma Gandhi’s remark, “A Post-dated cheque on a crumbling bank” is regarding with this proposals of this mission
7. The Money Order System was introduced in India in this year
8. The second largest Railway network in the world is
9. In India, the term Black Revolution is associated with this
10. Singareni Coal Fields lies in this River Valley


1. U 235
2. Myopia
3. Europe
4. South China Sea
5. Charles Simonyi
6. Cripps Mission
7. 1880
8. Indian Railway Network
9. Self-dependence in Petroleum / Crude Oil
10. Godavari Valley