1. The abbreviation of UNRISD is
2. The Headquarters of International Maritime Organization (IMO) is in
3. The Smallest Planet of our Solar System is
4. ˜God of Small Things is the famous book written by
5. This Place is called ˜The Island of Pearls
6. Under this Council, the National Food Security Mission (NFSM) was launched
7. Theyyam, is the dance of this Indian State
8. Gyaku, is the term associated with this game
9. Val Baker Trophy is associated with this game
10. The Indian Nobel Laureate who got in the field of Medicine is


1. United Nations Research Institute for Social Development
2. London
3. Mercury
4. Arundhathi Roy
5. Bahrain
6. National Development Council (NDC)
7. Kerala
8. Judo
9. Boxing
10. Hargobind Khorana