1. India has joined the United Nations in this year
2. The Religious Book of Jew is
3. The Capital of Guinea is
4. The Lake Great Bear is situated in
5. This is the Brightest Planet
6. The Chairman of the AADHAAR is
7. In 1955, the Non Aligned Movement (NAM) was born in this Conference
8. The Civil Services Day is observed on
9. The abbreviation of BIMSTEC is
10. The Scheme ˜Varsha Bima deals with this issue


1. 1945
2. Torah
3. Conakry
4. Canada
5. Venus
6. Mr. Nandan Nilekani
7. Bandung (Indonesia) Conference
8. April 21
9. The Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi Sectoral Technical & Economic Cooperation
10. To protect the Farmers from Rainfall Shortfall or Failure