1. This is the World s Fastest Rail Link
2. The World Health Day is observed on
3. The 1st Person to travel twice to Space as a Tourist is
4. Dadra & Nagar Haveli was liberated from Portugese Rule in
5. In Indian Constitution, Cultural and Educational Rights have been laid down in
6. The Central Institute of Post Harvest Engineering & Technology is located at
7. Agriculture involving both Crops and Livestock is called
8. Indira Gandhi Canal draws its water from
9. The Magyars are the people of
10. In India, the Dyarchy was started by


1. The Wuhan “ Guangzhou Railway Link
2. 7th April
3. Charles Simonyi
4. 1954
5. Article 29-30 of the Constitution
6. Ludhiana
7. Mixed Farming
8. River Sutlej and Beas
9. Hungary
10. Montagu “ Chelmsford Reforms