1. The first President of India who died while in office
2. The First Post Office which Opened in India is
3. The Administrative Capital of the Union Territory ˜Dadra and Nagar Haveli is
4. The World Tourism Day is observed on
5. The Instrument which is used to measure the Blood Pressure is
6. The Discoverer of China is
7. The National Emergency can be imposed by this Article Number
8. The Nearest Position of Earth to the Sun is
9. Poona Pact was established in the year
10. This individual was the First Englishman who visited the Akbar s Court in 1585


1. Dr. Zakir Hussain
2. Kolkata(1727)
3. Silvasaa
4. September 27
5. Sphygmomanometer
6. Marco Polo
7. Article 352
8. Perihelion
9. 25th September, 1932
10. Ralph Fitch