• Jordan has invited the captains of industry from India for investment and trade with the country. At a meeting of the representatives of the Indian and Jordanian Business Councils in Dubai the two sides agreed to work together to enhance trade and commerce between the two countries.
  • The move will give a boost to Indo-Jordanian trade and investment. The CEO of the Jordanian Development Corporation, Yarob Al Qdha said Jordan is the gateway to Iraq, Syria, Libya and Egypt and any entry will facilitate entry into the regional markets. The meeting was also attended by a delegation of Jordanian trade and business leaders.
  • The meeting was organized by the Jordanian Consulate in Dubai. During the meet it was stated that concerns regarding security and stability in Jordan is not an issue. Around 20 big companies in Jordan are owned by the Indians with a trade worh $50 million and it has the potential to grow bigger and better.