• Iran has reportedly cut off access to the Internet, leaving millions of people without e-mail and social networks. 
  • The shutdown comes as people prepare to celebrate the 33rd anniversary of the Islamic Revolution. 
  • Services like Gmail, Google and Yahoo are all thought to have been restricted, and users have been unable to log in to their online banking. 
  • According to The Daily Mail, some Internet users are accessing the web by using proxy servers over VPN connections. 
  • An Iranian contacted by CNET said that ‘when asked, the government denies the fact that all these services are all blocked.’ 
  • “I don't know the infrastructure that they will use but I don’t think we have a way out of that one. We are getting closer and closer to North Korea,” the unnamed source added. 
  • Last month, Iran’s Information Minister announced plans for a government-run Intranet, giving the state the upper hand in its cyber-battle with opponents.