• India will make a fresh appeal before the London-based Joint War Committee, a body of insurance underwriters, to exclude India’s Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) from the war zone notification as there have been no piracy incidents in Indian waters for the last nine months.
  • The Navy has sanitised the country’s EEZ. There have been no piracy-related incidents over the last three quarters and India is keen to see that its waters up to 78 degree East are excluded from the war zone notification.
  • If that is not possible, at least its EEZ should be out of the zone, said Union Shipping Secretary K. Mohandas and Director General of Shipping S. B. Agnihotri at a press conference.
  • Exclusion of India’s EEZ from the war zone has implications on premiums on insurance cover. More importantly, it has a security angle to it. Once within the war zone list, ships plying the Indian Ocean and Arabian Sea will hug the Indian coast for safety from perceived threats.