• DRM technology is now revolutionalising radio transmission across the world. The Director General of All India Radio, Mr. Lila Dhar Mandloi said that All India Radio has already started introducing the technology.
  • Participating in our Spotlight and News Analysis Programmes today, he said that within a year or so all AIR stations in the country will be broadcasting programmes using this technology. It will lend clarity to communication and listeners will be able to clearly listen to radio broadcasts of distant stations in short and medium waves.
  • Mr. Mandloi said that the contents of broadcasts are changing to suit the changing tastes of the people, particularly the youth. He said, community radio is playing a great role in meeting the requirements of the rural population. 
  • As such, radio communication will never lose its importance in modern life, he said. The full text of the interview with Mr. Mandloi can be heard on Rajdhani, FM Gold channels and additional frequencies from 9.30 p.m.