• The Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh today on Feb 2 said that climate conservation along with sustainable growth will be the focus of the 12th 5-yr plan. A National Action Plan is already in place and progressing satisfactorily. 
  • Addressing Delhi-Sustainable Summit in New Delhi today, he called for global cohesion to tackle the problem of climate change. Dr Singh said that cooperation must be based on the foundation of the right to development and the need for an equitable distribution of burden sharing.
  • The Prime Minister said that the problem of global warming needs to be solved in a way that it addresses the concerns of development of the growing economies. He added, India, which is in the frontline of climate vulnerability, has a vital stake in the evolution of a successful response to climate change.
  • He stated that India's forest cover had increased by nearly 5 per cent between 1997 and 2007. Dr Singh said that the Green India Mission which aim to increase the forest and tree cover by five million hectares and improve forest cover on another 5 million hectares.
  • Dr Singh presented sustainable Development Leadership Award for 2012 to President of Finland Ms. Tarja Halonen.