• Syria has rejected the Arab League plan for President Bashar al-Assad to hand over the power to the Vice President.
  • The Syrian Television quoted an official saying the initiative was a direct interference in the internal affairs of the country. 
  • He said Syria rejects the decisions taken which are outside an Arab working plan, and considers them an attack on its national sovereignty and a flagrant interference in internal affairs. 
  • The Syrian official was quoted saying that Arab League should rather try to stop the financing and arming of terrorists.
  • The Arab League in its meeting on Sunday came out with a plan under which President Assad hands over the power to the Vice President and a national unity government is formed within two months. It called upon the Syrian Government to start a dialogue with the opposition in two weeks. 
  • The Unity Government should elect a council in three months to write a constitution. It should also prepare for parliamentary and Presidential elections.
  • The Arab League Foreign Ministers also asked the U.N. Security Council to support the plan to resolve the crisis in Syria.