1. In an Indian Rupee Note, the denomination of the currency is written in this number of different languages
2. The new name of Unique Identity Authority of Development of India (UIDAI) is
3. In 2006, the First IBSA (India, Brazil & South Africa) Summit was held in
4. The famous statement œIndia is for Indians is said by
5. The founder of Sikh Religion is
6. Gurmit Memorial Trophy is associated with this game
7. Mera Seth Committee was associated with the development of this industry
8. œGreen Index, has been developed by
9. Project Tiger in India was started in
10. Second Green-revolution is related to this field


1. 16
3. Brasilia
4. Dayanand Saraswathi
5. Guru Nanak Dev
6. Hockey
7. Handloom Industry
8. United Nations Environment Programme
9. 1973
10. Bio-technology