1. The Employees State Insurance Act was passed in this year
2. The Older Name of Vishwakarma Rashtriya Puraskar, which is meant for the Performance of Workers of Factories, Mines, Plantations and Docks is
3. The abbreviation of NMDFC is
4. The Indira Gandhi Paryavaran Puraskar, award is given to
5. SAICM Initiative is related to this industry
6. The 2018 & 2022 FIFA World Cup hosts (Countries) were recently declared after a bidding process
7. The Set of Accounts that Summarize a Country s Transactions with the rest of the World for a given period is called
8. The Sen Index was developed by this Indian Nobel Laureate
9. The Foreign Exchange Regulation Act (FERA), 1973 was replaced by this Act
10. As per the Census 2001 Statistics, the Female Literacy Rate is of


1. 1948
2. Shram Vir Awards
3. National Minorities Development & Finance Corporation
4. Indian nationals or any Indian organization for significant contributions in the field of environment
5. Chemical Industry
6. Russia & Quatar
7. Balance of Payment
8. Amartaya Sen
9. Foreign Exchange Money Laundering Act (FEMA), 1999
10. 53.70%