1. The Lover of Books is called
2. The Unit Trust of India (UTI) was started in the year
3. The regulating Authority of Electricity is
4. The Foreign Exchange Management Act was passed in this year
5. The Recent Tendulkar Committee is associated with this issue
6. The National Highways Route NH-5 connects these two cities
7. This was the first purely Indian Bank
8. Green Vitriol is also called as
9. The Central Sanskrit Institute is situated in
10. The abbreviation of the Computer FORTRAN program is


1. Bibliophile
2. 1964 (February 1)
3. Central Electricity Regulatory Commission
4. 1999
5. Identifying Below Poverty Line (BPL) Families
6. Kolkatta and Chennai
7. Punjab National Bank (1894)
8. Ferrous Sulphate
9. Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh
10. Formula Transition