1. Uranium City is located in this Country
2. The Capital of Netherland is
3. Panama Canal connects the Gulf of Panama with this Gulf
4. The First Engineering College in Asia was established in this City
5. He is the author of this book œMy Country, My Life
6. The Singular form of Data is
7. In this year the Capital of India was transferred from Calcutta to Delhi
8. This Vitamin is available from Sun Rays
9. ˜Satyartha Prakash , was written by
10. Fish generally breathe through this organ


1. Canada
2. Amsterdam
3. Gulf of Campeche
4. Roorke
5. Lal Krishnan Advani
6. Datum
7. 1911
8. Vitamin D
9. Swami Dayanand Saraswati
10. Gills