1. He is the author of this book ˜My Experience with Truth
2. The People of Indus Valley Civilization worshipped this God
3. This is the abbreviation of ˜KYC , which is an important terminology in Banking Industry
4. This is the Older Name of State Bank of India (SBI)
5. This is the Unit of Power is
6. This is the Capital of Nagaland
7. This Ocean is also called as ˜The Herring Pond
8. In India in 1853, the First Train ran between these two Cities
9. The Narora Atomic Power Station is situated in this place
10. This is the National Game of Australia


1. Mahatma Gandhi
2. Pashupati
3. Know Your Customer “ KYC Norms
4. Imperial Bank of India
5. Watt
6. Kohima
7. Atlantic Ocean
8. Mumbai and Thane
9. Bulandshahar District, Uttar Pradesh
10. Cricket