1. The National Safety Day is on
2. In India, the Kothari Commission dealt with this field
3. This country is the largest producer of Chillies in the world
4. In this year the Mandal Commission report was implemented
5. McMahon line lies between these two countries
6. In India, the total number of Lok Sabha Seats is
7. The abbreviation of CLRI is
8. The Red Colour of the Blood is due to this agent
9. Vande Mataram was first sung at the session of the Indian National Congress in
10. This Batsman has scored the Most World Cup Runs


1. MARCH 4
2. Education
3. India
4. 1990
5. India and China
6. 543
7. Central Leather Research Institute
8. Haemoglobin
9. 1896
10. Sachin Tendulkar.