• North Korea could conduct a third nuclear test or long-range missile launch this year as its new leader Kim Jong-Un tries to strengthen his authority.
  • Who is the new leader of north korea?
  • Kim Jong ll’s death last month after 17 years of rule left North Korea in the hands of his son, a little-known figure who is thought to be under 30 and needs the support of party and military leaders more than twice his age. Kim Jong Un was named supreme commander of the 1.2 million-strong army.
  • Why is he doing this?
  • A report issued by the Institute for Foreign Affairs and National Security warns that Kim Jong Un will engage in “military adventurism” to boost his image as a military leader, as well as his grip on power.
  • When is it expected to be conducted?
  • It predicts the tests will be conducted in late 2012 or early 2013, when both the United States and South Korea will hold presidential elections.
  • How has US and South Korea reacted?
  • The United States and South Korea, along with Japan, China and Russia, have been negotiating with Pyongyang to shut down its nuclear weapons program in exchange for economic aid. North Korea withdrew from the talks in 2009 and conducted its second nuclear test soon after.