• The advanced version of pilotless target aircarft (PTA) Lakshya -II was successfully flight tested at the Integrated Test Range (ITR) here, demonstrating its 'ultimate' capability. 
  • The 10th flight demonstration was held on Jan 25 at the ITR, about 15 km from Balasore.Lakshya II flew at sea skimming height of about 15 meters. 
  • "In a flight lasting over 30 minutes, it was made to dive down from an altitude of around 800 meters to just 12 meter and maintained required altitude for the specified time before demonstrating auto climb-out," sources said here. 
  • It demonstrated various technologies and sub-systems including software correction to auto rudder scheme done to prevent loss of mission, engaging and flying in way point navigation mode while carrying tow targets. 
  • During the flight, one of the tow targets was released and the other was deployed while way point navigation was on. 
  • Lakshya-II has been designed and developed by Bangalore based Aeronautical Development Establishment, a premier DRDO lab specializing in UAVs and flight control systems, the sources said.