• The government will discontinue weekly release of food and fuel inflation data based on wholesale price index (WPI) and instead shift to monthly reporting, a government official said, without citing a reason.
  • "The data will now come on a monthly basis," Neelam Kapur, the government's spokeswoman told Reuters.
  • The timeframe for the shift to monthly reporting is not known as yet.
  • Earlier, the Business Standard newspaper reported that a group of ministers in charge of economic affairs has approved in principle to release inflation figures only on a monthly basis to "curb speculative movement in prices and give a holistic inflation picture".
  • The WPI-based data tracks the rate of price rise for food articles, primary articles, fuel and power.
  • India used to release the WPI inflation data only on a weekly basis until October 2010, when it began reporting inflation data on both weekly and monthly basis, the paper said.
  • The report said the food and fuel inflation numbers for the week ending January 14, however, will be released on Friday, a day later than its usual release day as January 26 is a public holiday.
  • The monthly inflation data is released on the 14th of every month.