• European Union has tightened the sanctions against Syria. It has blacklisted 22 more individuals and eight companies to an existing list against the Syrian crackdown on dissent.
  • The EU has already agreed ten rounds of sanctions against the regime of President Bashar al-Assad.
  • It has frozen the assets and put a travel ban on 120 people and companies. An arms embargo and a ban on imports of Syrian crude has also been enforced by the European Union.
  • The United Nations Security Council, meanwhile, is struggling to agree on a resolution on Damascus’s crackdown on dissent.
  • Russia, which insists the Syrian opposition, is as much to blame for the violence as the regime, warned against Western calls for punitive measures. 
  • Meanwhile, a group of 140 Arab rights groups condemned the Arab League for a flawed observer mission to Syria and called for U.N. intervention to halt the violence.