• 24 children including eight girls and 16 boys have been selected for the National Bravery award for 2011. Five awards have been given posthumously. 
  • Coveted Bharat Award has been conferred posthumously to 15 year old Master Kapil Singh Negi of Uttarakhand who helped his classmates cross over a flooded stream.
  • The prestigious Geeta Chopra award has been conferred on 13 year old Kumari Mittal Patadiya of Gujarat who faced armed robbers and foiled a robbery attempt. 
  • Sanjay Chopra award has been given to 12 and a half year old Master Om Prakash Yadav of Uttar Pradesh who saved his school mates from a burning van.
  • Late master Aditya Gopal of Arunanachal Pradesh, Uma Shankar of Delhi and Kumari Anjali Singh Gautam of Chhatisgarh have been given the Bapu Gaidhani award.