1. The largest tribal group of India is
2. Fulhar Lake is located in this place
3. She is the first female President of Indian National Congress
4. The percentage of Urban Population in India according to the Census 2001 is
5. This country has the World’s largest reserves of Uranium
6. ‘My Country, My Life’ is the autobiography of
7. For the first time in India, the wheat production increased from 120 lakh tonnes to 170 lakh tonnes in
8. World Environment Day is observed on
9. This number of players, play in Volleyball
10. Agriculture Sector accounts this Percentage of Employment in the country


1. Gonds
2. Pilibhit District, Uttar Pradesh
Annie Besant
4. 27.8%
5. Australia
6. L. K. Advani
7. 1958
8. 5th June
9. Six Players
10. 52%