1. The Consumer Protection Act (COPRA), is introduced in this year
2. This is the Second Largest Public Sector Bank in India after the State Bank of India (SBI)
3. In India the Project Tiger was implemented in this year
4. This instrument determines the Purity of Milk
5. The Unit of Work is
6. The Founder of Arya Samaj is
7. Sister Nivedita, the disciple of Swami Vivekananda originally belong to this country
8. The abbreviation of MODVAT
9. The Headquarter of Arab League is in
10. EQUINOXES means

1. 1986
2. Punjab National Bank (PNB)
3. 1973, (1st April)
4. Lactometer
5. Joule
6. Swami Dayanand
7. Ireland
8. Modified Value Added Tax
9. Cairo
10. The Dates where Days and Nights are Equal