1. India’s First Newspaper published was
2. The Indian Prime Minister who served the Country for the longest term was
3. The Largest Indian State in terms of area is
4. The First Nuclear Explosion was happened in India in this place
5. The Oldest School of India is
6. The group of Two Stars revolving round each other under mutual gravitational attraction is
7. The abbreviation of NPCI is
8. The Present Statutory Lending Rate (SLR) is
9. The National Emblem of France is
10. The International Mother Language Day is observed on


1. Bengal Gazette (1780)
2. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru (17 Years)
3. Rajasthan
4. Pokhran in Rajasthan (18th May, 1974)
5. St. Mary’s Chgurch Charity School at Fort St. George’s, Chennai
6. Binary Stars
7. National Payments Corporation of India Ltd
8. 24%
9. Lily
10. 21st February