• Even as it was announced  that only one case of polio had been detected in India this year, UNICEF’s goodwill ambassador, actor Amitabh Bachchan, launched a new campaign for eradication of polio, appealing to parents to ‘Make Polio History in India.’

  • Bivalent oral polio vaccine targets only two types of polio viruses – P1 and P3 – but not P2, which has been eradicated globally since 1999. The earlier vaccine – trivalent oral polio vaccine – targeted all three viruses.

  • “The introduction of the new vaccine has helped this near eradication of the virus. The bivalent vaccine is more efficacious as compared to the trivalent vaccine.

  • The  trivalent vaccine was administered to children in very high-risk areas including Mumbai, Thane, Malegaon, western Uttar Pradesh and Bihar (Kosi river belt). UP and Bihar have not reported any cases of polio in the past one year.