• Australia's ruling Labor party on Sunday backed Prime Minister Julia Gillard's bold move to overturn a long standing ban on uranium sale to India, paving the way for removal of a major irritant in bilateral ties. Delegates at the Australian Labor Party's national conference in Sydney favoured Gillard's decision to open up uranium sale to India despite the country being a non-signatory to the NPT after a heated discussion on the issue, with 206 members voting in favour and 185 against. 

  • Opponents to the move cited the Fukushima nuclear disaster that rocked Japan following a massive quake and tsunami in March. Gillard, while moving the motion said it would boost trade and enhance Australia's relationship with India. She said it was not rational that Australia sells uranium to China but not to India. Gillard said any agreement to sell uranium to India would include strict safeguards to minimise proliferation risks.