• Voicing deep concern over the deteriorating Middle East situation, India, Brazil and South Africa (IBSA), a group of emerging powers, has asked Israel to stop the "illegal" settlement activities in occupied territories and condemned violent attacks on Palestinians.
  • Israel has to stop settlement activities, not as a "concession" in the course of the negotiations but rather as an obligation under various UN Security Council resolutions and international law.

  • IBSA also condemned the increasing violence by settlers against Palestinians living in adjacent areas.
  • The IBSA countries believe the UNSC has an essential irreplaceable role to play in the peace process mainly by condemning violence, calling for a complete halt to settlement activities and calling for the implementation of all its resolutions," Viotti said.

  • Britain, France, Germany and Portugal also said in a joint statement that they were "dismayed by these wholly negative developments" and called on the Israeli government to stop attacks on mosques and Palestinians by extremist settlers.