• Gearing up to land a rover on moon and send manned spaceflights to built space station, China on Thursday said it will push forward its exploration of planets, asteroids and solar system in order to achieve self sufficiency.

  •  China will launch lunar mission to land a rover on moon for carrying out a survey of its surface in the next five years and conduct studies for a human lunar landing.

  • The lunar probe projects have achieved milestone breakthroughs since 2006, with the successful launching of two lunar probes, the Chang'e-1 in 2007 and Chang'e-2 on October 1, 2010 to orbit moon. 

  • China will launch space laboratories, manned spaceship and space freighters, make breakthroughs in and master space station key technologies, including astronauts' medium-term stay, regenerative life support and propellant refueling.

  • It will enhance the reliability and adaptability of launch vehicles in service, develop new-generation launch vehicles and their upper stages, and implement the first flight of the Long March-5, Long March-6 and Long March-7 launch vehicles. 

  • On the Satellite front, China has developed Fengyun (wind and cloud), Haiyang (ocean), Ziyuan (resources), Yaogan (remote-sensing) and Tianhui (space mapping) satellite series, plus a constellation of small satellites for environmental and disaster monitoring and forecasting