• India and China will hold their Annual Defence Dialogue (ADD) here starting December 9 during which they will discuss resumption of joint Army exercises and border issues between the two sides.
  • The ADD will be held  in Delhi.
  • The last round of Sino-Indian defence dialogue had taken place in Beijing in January 2010.
  • New Delhi had suspended military exchanges with China in August 2010 after it refused to grant permission to a senior Indian Army Commander to proceed on an official trip to Beijing.
  • The first two editions of the Army to Army exercise had taken place in Kunming in China in 2007 and in Belgaum in 2008.
  •  Putting an end to the strained military relations, India had sent its first military delegation to Beijing in June 2011.
  • National Security Advisor Shivsankar Menon will be leading the Indian delegation during these talks.